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Rinzu, like Chirimen (silk crepe) is one of the most representative Japanese kimono fabrics. Antique Yuzen dyed figured satin is widely available on the market, but our company has brought this material back to life in replica form. We have cotton, polyester and rayon types of this material. The Yuzen dyed rayon material is decorated with a famous old Kyoto Yuzen factory design called “Yotsumi” (A special pattern used for young girls’ kimono for festive occasions) on specially order made figured satin, and is yet another of our excellent quality replica antique materials. The woven pattern of our figured satin has a gorgeous refinement that is dinstinctively different from Chirimen materials. This figured satin material is perfectly suited for Aloha style shirts, T-shirts, bags and patchwork.

Rayon Figured Satin(Specifications: 72cm×approx. 23m, Material : Rayon 100%)

Cotton Figured Satin (Specifications: 112cm×approx. 36m, Material : Cotton 100%)
In addition to our rayon and polyester figured satin products, we have newly introduced this cotton material. This cotton material is well suited for a broad range of different products and uses.

polyester Figured Satin(Specifications: 112cm×approx. 24m,Material : polyester 100%)


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