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We aim to be your Japanese fabrics select shop.

We are proud to present a completely new series of Japanese patterns that you have never before experienced! In collaboration with the young and energetic Kyoto based ‘Garaga Works’ design group, we are calling these fabrics the ‘Japan File’ series, which means “Fabrics that Japanese people like and favor.” These materials contain elements of traditional Japanese patterns, yet they are entirely unlike any past designs in the Japanese fabric industry and can be used for modern textile creations. The new concept and challenge of our company is to transform traditional Kyoto style into present day fashionable patterns. For our first release of this series we have created patterns on a canvas base fabric which is useful for home fashion applications.
Cotton Canvas (Specifications: 112cm×approx.30m, Material : Cotton 100%)

千總は老舗の多い京都の中でも屈指の老舗として知られる呉服商で、創業450年余の歴史を誇ります。京都の『友禅染』は今や日本の代表的な染色技術として知れ渡っているわけですが、この京友禅の発展の歴史の中で千總は常に中心的な役割を果たしてきたのです。昨今の市場では和テイストの定着にともない、多くの着物古典柄の生地が出回っていますが、この度のCHISO DESIGNシリーズでは『新しい和柄発見』という商品コンセプトのもと、今までの友禅柄にはないモダンで斬新な柄を千總が所蔵する膨大な量の友禅裂地コレクションの中からピックアップ再現しました。これも千總コレクションの豊富さ、奥行きの深さゆえに実現できたと考えています。日本を代表す
る伝統工芸である京友禅、そのパイオニアであり京都屈指の老舗千總の保有する繊細で優雅な友禅のデザインを和装の中だけで伝えるのではなく、多くの人に知っていただきたい、そんな願いを込めてCHISO DESIGNシリーズを発表させていただきます。

Cotton Rinzu (Figured Satin)  (Specifications: Cloth 112cm×approx.36m, Material : Cotton 100%)

”Nami-ni-Chidori” Waves and birds(Meiji Era)
“Chidori” is a general term used for birds which gather by the waterside, and the way that they freely swarm and flock has been used as a design since long ago. This pattern is has been referred to in songs and loved for many years.

Plover in a wave

Rayon rinzu(Specifications: 112cm×approx.23m, Material : Rayon 100%)
Abstract pattern with circular flower design (Late Meiji Era)
This traditional abstract circular flower design is beautifully presented in Hittakanoko and Yuzen dye.

Zuika Noshi Pattern (Late Meiji Era)
A dignified, auspicious design incorporating ‘Noshi’ (paper attached to gifts) with a ‘Zuika’ spring and autumn pattern. This nostalgic pattern is representative of the revival of classical styles that were popular in the late Meiji era.

Abstract pattern with circular flower design

Zuika Noshi Pattern

Hitokoshi Crepe Material (Specifications: 112cm×approx.23m, Material : Rayon 100%)
Chrysanthemum treasure pattern (Kikuka Takarazukushi) (Late Taisho Era)
A delicately styled auspicious pattern of chrysanthemum with cherry blossoms, maple trees, magic wands, cloves, and the ‘7 treasures’ (gold, silver, pearls, agate, crystal, coral, lapis lazuli) in a ‘Takarazukushi’ style pattern on starched material.

Yukiwagasumi with Chrysanthemum pattern (Middle Taisho Era)
A modern take on classical and relaxing Yuzen pattern composed of chrysanthemum and maple with snow and haze.

Chrysanthemum treasure pattern (Kikuka Takarazukushi)

Yukiwagasumi with Chrysanthemum pattern

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